Raga of the week: Fengshui for Business Success - THE WEALTH FOUNTAIN

by Space Raga on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 10:36am
If the energy is organized and has a mission or target, the chances of hitting the target (goal) will be a lot greater. (Consider a bullet in the cylinder, awaiting the trigger to release its energy). We want to get you and your business organized and focused so the energy you release will propel your business forward in the direction you choose.
Literally translated that means bringing in more revenue, more customers, and more brand recognition. 
Fengshui decoration is all about enhancing the good energy and vibes around us by making the space look more attractive and soothing.
Want more clarity in your financial?
Clean your windows, mirrors and glass and crystal items. Clean windows can work wonders for the balance sheet. Dirty glass blocks money flow. Placing crystals in your window triggers energy. When the sunlight falls on them, they generate the most wonderful rainbows. Select a window where direct sunlight falls. This will open up a variety of openings for your business growth.
Define the category of the business : Choose the right colour
Retail : Red
Beauty : Blue
Jewellery : Yellow
Boutique : Green
Health Clinic : Grey
Place a water feature or fountain in your office or shop. They bring the energy of water, bringing wealth and prosperity to your business. 
The location of your feng shui fountain is determined by the Ba-Gua, or the feng shui energy map, as well as the interplay of the five feng shui elements.
However for proper arrangement and correct placement you need professional advice.

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Published Velli Malar 22nd April 2011
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