Thursday 13 October 2011

Raga of the week:God cannot be everywhere so he created Moms !

Raga of the week:God cannot be everywhere so he created Moms !

by Space Raga on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 8:34am

God cannot be everywhere so he created Moms and therefore Mothers know what their kids want even before they tell them  ..... Right !
So why not make our kids room a special place for them on this MOTHER'S DAY !

Sleeping Direction
We spend the most amount of time in one spot every day in our bed, so the sleeping direction is very important. The goal is to align the child's bed so that the top or crown of the head is pointed towards one of their good compass directions.  If your child's bed is pointed in one of their negative compass directions, it can throw their life out of balance.  They won't be feeling as well as they should and they may express this with negative behaviour.
Pointing their bed in their "wisdom" direction can help your child get better grades and improve their attitude about school.  Advance compasses are needed to measure proper directions.

Exposure to EMFs
EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are harsh energies emitted by electronic devices. They also decrease the body’s production of melatonin.   Arrange furniture so that your child’s body is 2 feet away from computer towers, CRT computer monitors, and power strips.  Keep them an adult arm span away from TVs.  Never use an electric blanket or waterbed heater and don’t let them stare into the microwave waiting for the popcorn! Stay 5 feet away while it‘s on
Your child’s sleeping habits will let you know whether their room is comfortable. If you keep finding your child in bed with you, then their room is not working for them. Avoid using energizing colors like red and other bold, bright colours in the bedroom as they can cause tempers to flare during playtime and too much hyperactive energy for the little one to fall asleep at night. Bright colours are good for playrooms but bedrooms need to be more subdued. Pastels are best.
If a child's bedroom is also their study room, they won't be able to focus in a lot of clutter because clutter is "eye noise".  Children should frequently clear out the space under their beds, which tends to become a catchall for trash and treasures and creates "stuck" energy

Vastu Purush : ideal for health of Kids made of 9 jewels having positive radiations.

Paintings in Kids Room : Space Raga Art Gallery starting 17th May 2011.

Choose ideal Paintings for Kids Room from Space Raga Art Gallery starting 17th May 2011.

Special compasses are needed for identifying the academic zones of kids room, which when treated rightfully enhance academic excellence.
However for proper arrangement and correct placement you need professional advice.
Indian Architect, EMBA S P Jain, Singapore
Certificate of Practice (Singapore Fengshui Centre : International Fengshui Association)
Published : Vellimalar ,Singapore 6th May 2011

Ideal for Girl Child !
Sunflowers for academic excellence
ships for careers enhancement
some of the Space Raga Projects !
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