Thursday 19 July 2012

How To Hang And Display Art Work

A great piece of wall art can make a great room look amazing.

Finding the right pieces is important, but you also have to know where to hang each piece, how to hang them, and how to be sure you have chosen the right frame and setting. Not only should the framing match your d├ęcor, what you choose should also protect your investment.

Before you hang your framed wall art, you have to think about temperature and lighting. Art should be hung were temps are stable most of the time. If your art has a glass panel in the frame, get glass that has UV protection. This will minimize any damage that natural sunlight might do.
If you are using artificial light, make sure you ask what type of bulbs you should use. Some like to add drama to a piece of art by using a light to highlight it on the wall. This can look amazing, but use the right light for the sake of the longevity of your art. Keep the light low and safe.
If you have one large painting, you might want to give it it's own wall. A great painting of decent size should hang alone on a wall or you risk cluttering up the space. If you have two smaller ones that seem to go together, you can hang them side by side, or perhaps have one hanging a few inches higher than the other.
If they are hanging behind a sofa, for example, make sure they are put directly in the middle of the sofa to keep the room looking centred.

Try these to get a new look this time !


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