Sunday 5 August 2012

Plants your friends at home !

The aura of freshness at home after a long day at work..... the feeling of someone being happy on your arrival or.... someone is waiting for you at home ....... is incomparable ................

Yes that some one are the plants at your home ......

Four benefits of having plants at home :

1) Plants Help Clean the Air. Yes, it's true! A Nasa funded study, in collaboration with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, claims that commonly used interior plants help clean the air of harmful pollutants. For this reason, the Plants For Clean Air Council (PCAC) recommends 1 potted plant per 100 square feet. Based on this type of study, certain types of plants were found to be the most effective in removing a specific type of pollutant, such as the chemical Benzene – frequently found in paints, rubber, gasoline, and plastics – was best combated by the plant Chrysanthemum. For homes under 2,000 square feet, the study recommended at least 15 houseplants.

2)  Plants Help to Reduce Noise. This is very important if you live near a highway or a busy area. Noise can affect your health and raise your stress levels. If you live in this scenario, be sure to place some plants near windows, which allow noise to penetrate your indoor environment. Although plants do not completely reduce noise at high levels, they do absorb a percentage of it.

3)  Reduce Stress : "It may sound surprising but as little as 2 or 3 minutes in the company of plants and trees or natural environments can be enough to provide measurable stress relief!" 

4) Best feng shui advice to keep in mind is to always be aware of the quality of the indoor air and do your best to improve it. 

Research shows that indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one. 

Is there a feng shui solution? Yes, there is! The best feng shui solution is to decorate your home or office with indoor plants! Below are the names of top three air-purifying plants, as defined by NASA research in the early 1980s. 


Bring them to your Home
Bring them to your Office
Let them do their best clean the Air & Aura !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring them to your home, bring them to your office, and let them do what they do best - clear the air and fill it with oxygen!

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